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Captain Borchardt's Next Triumph in The Tall Ships Races!

Captain Borchardt won the Tall Ships Races on the Turku - Klaipeda route. This is the second success of the sailing ship from Poland. In the struggles of the largest A-class units, the best was the Swedish Tre Kronor af Stockholm, which surpassed the British Royalist.


At the start of the Class A regatta there were as many as 18 sailing ships, among them, among others. the world\'s largest Sedov and Kruzensztern and 3 Polish units. Unfortunately, none of them will beat this race to the successful. Fryderyk Chopin was finally ranked in the ninth place, Pogoria on the 13th, and Dar Młodzieży on the 17th. The winner was the two-masted brig Tre Kronor af Stockholm. The second-place finisher had to be pleased with the winner of the first stage - the Royalist, while Norway\'s Statsraat Lehmkuhl was third. Interestingly, it was this ship that crossed the finish line first. Its superiority over rivals was not enough to retain the leader position after \"conversion\", that is the use of a special algorithm that compensates for the chance of individuals of different sizes.

This year\'s Tall Ships Races are held in the Baltic. They were divided into three stages. First on the route between the Swedish Halmstad and Kotka in Finland, the second from Turku to Klaipeda, and the third from Klaipeda to Szczecin.

Recall that Captain Borchardt is a threemasted schooner. He is proud of being the oldest Polish sailing ship. It was established in 1918 in the Netherlands as a cargo sailing ship. As a ship under Polish flag it since 2011.
Krzysztof Romański