The Tall Ships Races 2018 – Cruise in Company, so "... disgusting with haste..." towards Norwegian fjords!

Esbjerg-Stavanger TTSR 2018

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20.07.2018 - 28.07.2018
820 / 860eur

Detailed description of the cruise

Esbjerg is the city offering a lot of charming places and attractions. The water tower dominates over the city, ... and the pressure before the regatta race continues to grow. The Esbjerg Water Tower, which looks like from a fairy tale (although it's in vain to look for a princess), today is a vantage point and a place for the presentation of various exhibitions. We also recommend the work of Jørn Utzon (designer of among others Sydney Opera House) – Music House, as well as churches: St. Nicholas and so unusual (made entirely of red brick and located inside ... a shopping mall) Saeden Kirke. Nevertheless, Esbjerg’s main tourist attractions are of course related to… the SEA. It is worth mentioning here for example the Fisheries and Maritime Museum, where, in addition to models of vessels and navigational instruments, we can admire live specimens of the North Sea flora and fauna, in the aquarium located in the museum.

Cruise in Company is a specific stage of the regatta - both participants of the race, as well as accompanying vessels, are going to the starting line of the next stage of the struggle "disgusting with haste". TTSR regatta is not only a race, but also getting to know ourselves and other crew members, tightening the "knots" of friendship. Some vessels exchange crews with other sailing ships, which is an additional attraction for the cruise participants. During this stage, it is possible to call other ports, which offer more attractions for crews during their visit, but it’s also possible to enter to the famous Norwegian fjords, which are a real attraction for sailors. We will reach Norway - the land of trolls, fjords and ........ crude oil.

Stavanger and nearby Sandnes, by dint of the discovery of the first crude oil deposits in 1969, became the main place of wealth creation in the Norwegian economy, which is also reflected in the city's historical and cultural offer, e.g. the Norwegian Petroleum Museum. Stavanger is a city of contrasts - here we can find the best preserved in Europe, unique complex of over 170 white, wooden houses, but also modern buildings and excellent museums, such as Stavanger Museum of Fine Arts and the Norwegian Canning Museum. Stavanger is the largest city in the county of Rogaland, which is famous primarily for its amazing landscapes. Lysefjord, Sola beach, or known all over the world, rising to 604 m above the sea level "Rock Shelf" called "Pulpit Rock", or Preikestolen, considered to be the most breathtaking scenic terrace in the world - we have everything at your fingertips. Knowing all these places and attractions will be possible from our deck. What does it mean? Means neatly - in good company, in a great, sailing atmosphere. Do we need to write in detail about the attractions prepared by the cities - organizers? Concerts, sports competition or crew parade, crew party (joint feast of participants of the regatta) or the parade of sailing ships - is it worth taking part in it? We are sure that it is. TTSR is a festival of youth, international integration of crews and a great sailing holiday - this is a must to try. Welcome aboard!


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