The Tall Ships Races 2018 2nd stage. Two different countries, landscapes and cultures!

Stavanger-Harlingen TTSR 2018

until the start
28.07.2018 - 05.08.2018
820 / 860eur

Detailed description of the cruise

TTSR ports as always offer many attractions to the participants of the regatta, and the Stavanger areaas described in the previous stageis sailing in exceptionally charming places. Norwegian fjords are really impressive. And after harbour entertainment "all hands to the ropes!" - we will start the StavangerHarlingen race. This time we will sail "down the map", heading south. The North Sea is a demanding and interesting area, which gives you the opportunity to experience a real sailing adventure, but also to gain training and experience on tidal waters. Every crew during the race will do their best to make sure that the ship or yacht is going to win, so the competition will be fierce. The regatta cruise in TTSR however, for the crew, is not only work on deck with ropes, at helm, or help in the galley. It is also time for trainingwe learn faster on board, because we can immediately check the acquired knowledge in practice, the time to get to know ourselves and crew members, making friends, often for life, but also time to relax and rest, filled with play and often dancing and singing.

For us, this year is a special year. We celebrate the 100th anniversary of the ship and it would be nice to finish the regatta with a strong accent, winning another trophy. That's why we count on you, inviting you to fight together with us for the success, and then to celebrate it in the beautiful, full of monuments and museums Harlingen. Traditionally, city hosts, of course, also prepare for international crews many attractions, including a crew party or the ceremonial ending of this year's TTSR and the farewell of the crews. Who had the opportunity to participate in such an event, knows that these are unforgettable impressions, we recommend!

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